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Additional Resources

Book Browse

A resource dedicated to helping you find books that are similar to your favorite titles.

The Book Seer

Having trouble deciding what to read next? Let this resource guide you to your next great read!

Epic Reads

For fans of Young adult titles, this resource provides information on top trending YA books and authors. It also included access to a blog, videos, and more!

No Flying, No Tights

For fans of graphic novels and comic books, this website was made just for you.

Reader's Advice

An encyclopedic type resource that consists of 10,400+ fiction authors in 480+ sub-genres. Though this resource is no longer updated, it is still valuable for finding great titles in a myriad of different genres.

Stop! You're Killing Me!

A resource specifically for mystery genre lovers. Includes award winning mystery titles, authors, and more. Includes over 4,600 authors and over 53,000 titles- series and stand-a-lone. Other genres represented by this resource are crime, thriller, spy, and suspense.


A resource dedicated to helping you search for titles based off of your personal genre interest.